Industrial efficiency powered by blockchain
  • ARXUM® 

    Blockchain-based solution to guarantee the integrity of the operations according to the laboratory definitions and regulatory procedures.

    BLOCS provides a unique, fully digital system for a real-time, paperless and immutable tracking of each analysis performed in the laboratory, on its entire lifecycle.

The ultimate in technology for handling laboratory samples


Security by design

ARXUM® BLAST combines Assisted Reality (AR) and blockchain to meet all the relevant security requirements. Operators can no longer make mistake without being notified by the AR glasses. 

Every single event that impacts a sample (e.g cells counting during an in-vitro diagnostic) or poises potential risks to patients, customers or the manufacturing company is recorded a on a blockchain ledger via the Smart Glasses.

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Cutting-edge technologies

Google Glass V2

EOSIO Blockchain

Smart-Contract Compliance Rule Management

Real-time Audit Trail

Logging on-chain

IPFS Cluster

Cryptographic security standards


Simultaneous handling of multiple samples

Fast and reliable hand-free guidance and voice-control
to scan all tubes for each process steps.

No confusion between cultures and samples,
no need to write results on paper.

Handle as many samples simultaneously as physically possible; increase your lab's productivity tenfold.

Technical advantages

BLAST outperforms any legacy lab system... or paper

The technical advantages of assisted reality combined with Blockchain technology are numerous. Enter a new era in terms of :

  • Strict adherence to cell culture procedure times
  • Operational excellence & quality
  • Un-tampered raw data
  • Effective traceability & complian

Easy Integration & Extensibility

BLAST's architecture was designed to be flexible. It allows you to digitize your process steps with minimal effort.  

Stable Processes & Immutability

The laboratory business logic is encoded in smart-contracts running on blockchain. All the system configurations are restricted to user admins and require an electronic signature to be modified.  

Our Technology

ARXUM® BLAST is based on the latest state of the art Blockchain technology and combined with Assisted Reality Smart Glasses. It integrates IVD processes with innovative Google Glass technology (V2), leaving the operator’s hands free for sample treatment.

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